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Instructional Designers

Instructional Designers design courses that will effectively teach specific skills. They create instructor-led and virtual instructor-led courses as well as Web and computer-based courses. Most of the information provided on my website can be used by any Instructional Designer, but a few sections apply specifically to the process of creating online training. With numerous software tools, guidelines, stylesheets and reusable files, these Instructional Designers create training modules destined for self-guided, computer-based instruction.

This website:

    ·  Explores the role of Instructional Designers
    ·  Defines the tasks and responsibilities of Online Course Developers
    ·  Highlights some of the tools used to create online courses
    ·  Provides online references for each subject explored
    ·  Shows some ID and graphics examples

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About the Author

Ann is a course developer, instructional designer, technical writer, computer teacher and consultant. She has created numerous online training courses and has written many software and hardware user guides. She is an active member of the Society of Technical Communicators (STC) and the Instructional Design & Learning group; she also serves as a board member for several creative writing groups.

Ann designed and built this site because she saw a need for information and resources about the myriad aspects of Instructional Design for Online (or Web-based) Training. Ann gives presentations about careers in technical communication and author promotion (on the Internet). You can contact Ann at:

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